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Mosaics with a difference!

Welcome to our glass mosaic collection - three distinct ranges that challenges traditional mosaic patterns with creative shapes and colours.  These ranges will stimulate senses, and the use of contrasting grouts create a unique finish!   Say hello to Divide, Peace and Scales.



This original range is as simplistic as it is stylish. Rows of 4.5cm glass mosaics on a repeated slant pattern will form a captivating pattern across your walls. The design of the Divide range is intended so that equal importance is given to all the elements of the tile, in this case the joints between the tiles, which form a focal point.   The contrasting bright and neutral colours of turquoise, ice white and grey add to the sophisticated design statement that Divide will stamp on your interiors. To delve into Divide please click here.


Our Peace range features three small, intricate yet stunningly simple mosaic designs. The neutral colour palate alongside the sophisticated geometric shapes generates a sense of calm and tranquillity.

The Hexagonal (H), Subway (S) and Arrow (A) shaped tile formats, made of matt glass with a smooth satin finish are mounted onto mesh and so are easy to lay and install. They are available in four subtle, relaxing colours of grey, white, cream and black. These multi-purpose tiles can be used on walls, floors, showers and outdoor areas. To order a sample please visit Peace's range page.



This exciting range harnesses the hidden mathematical rules of nature by using pentagon-shaped mosaic tiles to form a series of interwoven hexagons across large spaces. The effect is stunning and this range offers a unique design statement for any contemporary project.
Scales tiles come in one format and three earthy, natural colours - brown, white and deep red. Each tile is made up of hundreds of tiny pieces of glass, giving the impression of different cells that come together to create a beautifully patterned ‘skin’ to cover your wall spaces.  To view this range in detail please click here.

Extreme - our supersize tile collection!

A huge trend in interior design right now is for large format tiles, and our exciting new Extreme range really delivers on this - starting from 800x800mm to a staggering 3200x1600mm. The ‘supersized’ tiles are manufactured in Italy, in the largest kiln ever built, and will give a seamless feeling of space to any contemporary design project.  At just 7mm thick, the tiles are also easy to handle and cut, so suitable for walls and floors.


These beautiful marble-effect tiles have powerful aesthetic appeal and will transform any large residential or commercial areas into breath-taking, elegant spaces. This range comes in seven sizes and eleven contrasting colours from opulent gold to white veined black marble and will look stunning on either of the matt or gloss surfaces available. To view range click here: Extreme Royale.


The six sizes and four neutral tones in our Extreme Boulder range are ideal for large modern, contemporary design projects. This range combines the aesthetic qualities of several different stones originating from the south of France, with constantly changing shades and textures that will make a striking, elegant and original impact across any large space. To view range click here: Extreme Boulder.


The tones in our Extreme Oxygen range contrast brilliantly with weathered textures to create an eye-catching fusion of surfaces and materials present in modern industrial architecture. The coloured porcelain stoneware slabs echo vibrant oxidized metals and are available in six sizes and four colours, from a deep, earthy rust-effect tile, to a lighter silvery grey.  To view range click here: Extreme Oxygen.


 Extreme Static range is the definition of minimalism on a grand scale. Inspired by different limestone effects from Northern and Central Europe, this tile comes in three sophisticated natural colours - sand, coal and grey, and is ideal for use in contemporary architecture. To view range click here: Extreme Static.

Vista: an eclectic mix of shapes, colours and textures!

With geometrics right on trend for 2017, we are thrilled to introduce our fabulous Vista range - an eclectic mix of shapes, colours and textures that will truly stimulate your senses.

The geometrical patterns and shapes combined with rich tones and contrasting surfaces in this exciting range are a break from the conventional tile patterns and the traditional use of ceramics. Vista takes the simple, everyday shapes of the square and the rectangle and gives them movement through the combination of rhombuses, triangles, and parallelograms.
The range features three contrasting surfaces. The elegant and modern Plaster with a soft structure and a glossy shine, Matter, a grainy, opaque, and coarse cement effect tile, suitable for outdoor spaces, and Canvas, which has a 3D textile texture.

All three textures are available in six warm and cool tones from bright linen all the way to intense basalt grey. When combined with the nine geometric tile shapes, this range has an incredible versatility with strong contrasts through variations of colour or monochrome surfaces.  To order a selection of samples pleae visit the Vista range page.

Sepia tones add depth to our new Element range.

Say hello to Element. This distinctive range features four uniquely finished porcelain-effect tiles: Cross cut wood, plaster, concrete and grit. Presented in three sepia-coloured tones, they convey a naturally timeworn effect across all your surfaces.

The use of the smaller format tile (250mmx250mm) in this fabulous porcelain range adds to its impact. Using these tiles across large spaces will add a modern twist to the traditional textures and tones in this range, making your floors and walls a real talking point.

The decorative tiles within the range add a vibrant twist on the distressed porcelain tile.

The tiles in this range come in 14mm thickness so can also be used in exterior projects for a seamless ‘indoor – outdoor’ effect.

To view this range in more detail please click here.

The complete Terrazzo range

Our Revival range is inspired by the traditional fifteenth century Venetian terrazzo technique, where small fragments of coloured marble are mixed with cement for a stunning ‘stracciato’ effect.  This modern take on the classic Italian tile is one to watch for 2017 and perfect for large contemporary commercial areas.

The four neutral greys and beiges in the base tile contain slight touches of cement and stone, and can be used to contrast with the more prominent marble fragments in the bolder blue and pink coloured tiles in this range, which will brighten your spaces and give them an intense yet beautiful character.

The seven decorative tiles make a dramatic feature of any space. Repeated geometric shapes and floral patterns are used to highlight this marble mosaic tile to stunning effect.

 The optional addition of the decorative brass edging can completely transform a room with its ‘golden frame’ effect around each tile, offering a stunning luxurious touch to your design project.

To view this fabulous range please click here.

A stunning cast iron porcelain range: Revolution

We are very excited to introduce these stunning metallic porcelain tiles to our collection. This ambitious range has a simple, urban style with distinctive colours and beautifully contrasting warm and cold materials.

Eight different cast iron structures reproduced on porcelain give Revolution its distinctive industrial look and feel, which is further emphasised by the use of the 37.5x37.5 cm tile size.

The range has a distinct texture of a lightly hammered finished to replicate a thin metal plate that has been straightened.

The tiles come in four colours, reminiscent of different metallic effects - black burnt steel, dark brown weathered steel, aluminium grey, and a white enamelled sheet metal.

To order a sample from this range please visit our Revolution range page.