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Four planks running through the Oak wood spectrum

A beautiful replica of Oak. Carefully designed to pick up the distinct nuances, knots and tones of the natural material through a porcelain tile. Across the 600 species of Oak trees found across the world, there is a unique identity that makes the wood such an aspirational material through its warming tones.

Posed in four shades, the planks run through the Oak wood spectrum touching upon a freshly cut light honey-tone where the knots are visible but not highlighted, to a matured Oak featuring a strong personality with characterised detail and patterns.  

Our Oak range holds one plank size of 200x1200mm. Its high variation of prints across the planks allow for the natural wood effect to move freely over a floor space. Its R10 matt rating makes the ranges a strong contender for all commercial spaces. Say hello to Oak.

Cost efficient collection of four porcelain materials

Say hello to our Groundwork collection. A design led product with cost efficient properties for sensitive projects.
Inspired by minimalism, four materials of Cement, Wood, Slate and Steel working in harmony by drawing together different shades, textures and sizes to create a complete concept for a space.



The solid base of Groundwork: Cement provides numerous combinations for a room to build on. Available in six tones from a collection of warm and cooler shades. The tones span across the complementary ranges of Groundwork: Wood, Groundwork: Steel and Groundwork: Slate to draw them together.


With Cement working as the foundation, Wood, Steel and Slate provide an additional dimension. The vigour of rust from Steel adds an industrial finish whilst the soft blend of a natural wood and slate softens a space.



A hand drawn design inspired by fossils

A contemporary hand-drawn design that has taken inspiration from fossils - the prehistoric imprints left by living things from a former geological age. This specific collection of porcelain tiles has been influenced by the detail left from shell grooves of extinct ammonites.

Five unique prints within a mix box move in various directions that allows the tiles collectively to move fluidly across a space, creating further patterns and interest.

Together the designs finish a space with a natural, fresh atmosphere for an indoor environment. To see the range in more detail please click here

Scandinavian Toned Hexagons

These stunning decor porcelain tiles give an exciting contemporary twist to a feature wall or floor. Influenced by Scandinavian design Petit Four draws together two simplistic hexagons, in cool shades of white, pink, blue, green and black.

The first set of hexagons are mini in size (43x38mm) and are pulled together on a 320x320mm mosaic sheet. By creating them in porcelain has allowed for varied placement. Available in two finishes – the first a contemporary matt and the second in a mixed finish of matt, gloss and fabric textures.

The second set of hexagons uses the modern Scandinavian tones and mixes them together with a traditional handcrafted effect. Larger in size (173x150mm) these ceramics are finished using a soft gloss to complete the vintage effect.

To delve into this range and order free samples please click here.

Porcelain meets Leather. Say hello to Hide!

Animal husbandry was founded during the Neolitic era. Over this period hides were sold to communities so they could protect themselves from the elements. The oldest known piece of leather was discovered in a form of a shoe around 3,500BCE.

This ancient material over time has never lost its appeal both in a practical and aesthetic sense. Our Hide range takes the soft and irregular textures found in this hardy material and transforms them into a porcelain tile.

Available in three subtle tones and two large sizes of 1200x1200mm and 600x1200mm to show off the detail of the finish

To view the range in more detail please click HIDE.

Extreme - our supersize tile collection!

A huge trend in interior design right now is for large format tiles, and our exciting new Extreme range really delivers on this - starting from 800x800mm to a staggering 3200x1600mm. The ‘supersized’ tiles are manufactured in Italy, in the largest kiln ever built, and will give a seamless feeling of space to any contemporary design project.  At just 7mm thick, the tiles are also easy to handle and cut, so suitable for walls and floors.


These beautiful marble-effect tiles have powerful aesthetic appeal and will transform any large residential or commercial areas into breath-taking, elegant spaces. This range comes in seven sizes and eleven contrasting colours from opulent gold to white veined black marble and will look stunning on either of the matt or gloss surfaces available. To view range click here: Extreme Royale.


The six sizes and four neutral tones in our Extreme Boulder range are ideal for large modern, contemporary design projects. This range combines the aesthetic qualities of several different stones originating from the south of France, with constantly changing shades and textures that will make a striking, elegant and original impact across any large space. To view range click here: Extreme Boulder.


The tones in our Extreme Oxygen range contrast brilliantly with weathered textures to create an eye-catching fusion of surfaces and materials present in modern industrial architecture. The coloured porcelain stoneware slabs echo vibrant oxidized metals and are available in six sizes and four colours, from a deep, earthy rust-effect tile, to a lighter silvery grey.  To view range click here: Extreme Oxygen.


 Extreme Static range is the definition of minimalism on a grand scale. Inspired by different limestone effects from Northern and Central Europe, this tile comes in three sophisticated natural colours - sand, coal and grey, and is ideal for use in contemporary architecture. To view range click here: Extreme Static.