Introducing our Vanity range
As soon as we saw the eye-catching colours in the Vanity range we knew we had to include these tiles in our collection this season. We think they brilliantly deliver the latest fashion for big blocks of colour in interiors.The Vanity range comes in eight intense colours with the deep blue .....

....and the contrasting terracotta tiles taking centre stage. At the base of the range are the more earthy tones, inspired by our natural environment.

Vanity tiles also come in contrasting finishes, Smooth and Dot.The three-dimensional quality of the Dot tile enables youto make dramatic design statements by introducing multiple textures to your wall space.

The Vanity Décor tiles will give your spaces the wow factor with their intricate geometric and contemporary floral designs.

We hope you enjoy this range as much as we do, to find out more please click here.