Introducing our Radiance range
Our fashionable Radiance range combines cutting-edge design with the latest tile technology to give your space a unique contemporary look and feel. This exciting new range introduces colour and style through the impression of layers and three-dimensional textures.

The combination of beautiful patterns with the variety of materials used in the tiles creates a layered effect that shines when captured by the light. The intricate details on the tiles work well in small spaces and over large areas can create a stunning fluid effect.  

The Radiance range contains eight colours – from the contrasting light and dark greys to the pearly white and pale beiges. RAD108 stands apart from this neutral colour spectrum, by introducing dramatic grey, blue and green tones.

The decorative pieces in the Radiance range feature a fashionable geometric pattern and unusual ‘wire scrubbed’ textures, which will give a thrilling effect across any space.

Radiance has six tile sizes, giving designers and architects infinite possibilities for both walls and floors in residential and commercial design projects.  To view this fabulous range please click here.