Burning Cedar planks dates far back into Japanese history as a traditional method of preserving wood, they called it Yakisugi (焼杉).  The material in its finished state was unique in appearance and held an artistic finish. Japanese carpenters developed this technique which was in high demand from builders of the time who craved a material that was protected from the elements.

Inevitably the tradition has been replaced by modern techniques and materials however this iconic piece of craftsmanship is so unique to the Japanese landscape that it was hard not to resurrect it back into interior design.

Porcelain has reinterpreted the true essence of this historical process into three tones which flow through the spectrum of a cindered process. To draw out the Japanese design, a selection of distinct decorative items have been created to inspire the completed project. From a delicate bamboo print to a interpretation of the Rising Sun a Japanese concept by which beauty takes shape from imperfection and fragility (Decor C).

A truly simplistic range which holds depth of meaning and historical Japanese character.


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