Pastel hues from the Great British coast line
Across six pastel tones, this porcelain range has taken influence from the hues of the British coast line.  Infamous for drawing together vibrant shades across coastal shelters, this iconic landscape has been celebrated as a piece of Britain’s identity.

The nostalgic pastel tones cover a plethora of shades from rose pink to sea salt blue. Brought to life through a contemporary hexagon, this porcelain tile has been designed to generate a feature within a space.

Three styles have been created to bring the tones to life through geometric patterns. A full-bodied laydown (F) introduces the pattern but hero’s the tone, whilst the second style uses the tone subtly through the simple line design (L). A base (B) tile has also been introduced to work in harmony with the patterns, or to create a standalone piece of interest.  

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