Welcome Cadmiae. A contract priced oxidised metal
A cost-effective design that has recreated an oxidised reaction to a metal compound. The dramatic corrosion across the surface can be seen through the lens of an assortment of rich colours. This powerful imitation is distributed across six coordinated oxide shades of coal, mocha, bronze, copper, argent & amber.

The industrially inspired design, across three simple porcelain tile sizes (600x1200mm, 600x600mm, 300x600mm) can be juxtaposed against a natural marble or a raw wood to create a compelling workable surface, alternatively the urban flare of our Cadmiae range can quite confidently sit within its own company.

Available in a matt and gloss finish, we welcome this affluent porcelain to our competitive priced Essentials range.  To view the range in more detail, please click here.