Our Norgestone range has carefully researched the tones and textures that can draw an indoor and outdoor environment together through the delicacies of a traditional stone floor. Two quite contrasting environments use the veining and movement across the design to create an organic foundation for a project to build upon.

The quantity of sizes that Norgestone dedicates to an outdoor project is incomparable – leaving designers an array of options when creating an exterior living space or a traditional patio area. A whopping 600x1800mm takes centre stage of unimaginable formats that can construct a seamless surface. Amongst the more traditional sizes, a multisize suite (600x900mm, 600x600mm, 300x600mm) has also been produced to recreate a classic patio modular laydown.

Using porcelain in an outdoor environment allows a space to mature with grace and beauty whilst the foundations can look like the day they were laid. 


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