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Delicate veining for a contemporary project

Our Duplostone range has been developed as a design to fit discreetly into a contemporary project. The patterns and textures pick up on the subtleties of the lightly veined stone. Such natural beauty is emphasized by the delicate tones the porcelain tile has leant upon.

Soft greys and warming beiges generate comfort within an abode.  To create a dynamic edge to the range, six sizes have been established to create a healthy amount of options when in comes to placement of the porcelain tiles. A 600x600mm tile is also available as a 20mm option, so projects can sprawl into the great outdoors.

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Welcome Cadmiae. A contract priced oxidised metal

A cost-effective design that has recreated an oxidised reaction to a metal compound. The dramatic corrosion across the surface can be seen through the lens of an assortment of rich colours. This powerful imitation is distributed across six coordinated oxide shades of coal, mocha, bronze, copper, argent & amber.

The industrially inspired design, across three simple porcelain tile sizes (600x1200mm, 600x600mm, 300x600mm) can be juxtaposed against a natural marble or a raw wood to create a compelling workable surface, alternatively the urban flare of our Cadmiae range can quite confidently sit within its own company.

Available in a matt and gloss finish, we welcome this affluent porcelain to our competitive priced Essentials range.  To view the range in more detail, please click here.

Say hello to Aspen and its crosscut stone reveal...

A beautiful crosscut stone design.  When a stone is sliced at a perpendicular (90 degree) angle to the bedrock, it reveals exquisite veining and variation across the surface. Our Aspen range picks up on the linear veining across four soft muted shades of white, grey and charcoal that bring the ambition of the design to life.

At the heart of the range is the desire to see the slabs run through various working/ living environments. An R10 matt, an R11 texture and an outdoor 20mm product has been developed to rise to the occasion. A non-rectified porcelain tile is also available as an option for those projects that are cost driven.

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A Versatile, Classically Porcelain, Stoneware Slab

A classic porcelain stoneware that is highly versatile. The various finishes within the Mansion range allow for the porcelain tile to run between various living/ working environments, making it suitable for different levels of traffic. The matt slab holds a R10 resistance, whilst through the textured design a R11 is pronounced, and if an outdoor space requires a 20mm textured product, the finish and depth enable the porcelain stoneware to flow into the great outdoors.

Modern in effect, the design holds modest variety across each tile creating a delicate movement across the surface. Available in four muted tones, across three standard sizes.

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Introducing Marble the magnificent

When limestone or dolomite is under the influence of heat and pressure caused by magma or the tectonic plates, the stone begins to recrystalize and evolve – changing the texture and the appearance of the rock, and transforming it into the much loved, marble.

This sought after stone can be found across the world but the most desirable varieties come from Italy and Greece where it is often the purest in colour.

Our Piave porcelain marble range captures the veining caused by mineral deposits either from within the limestone or dolomite itself, or when the stone was under transformation.

Five soft tones of charcoal, black, silver, brown and beige reveal the magnificent veining which carelessly runs through the design creating a sensational imitation of the sought after rock. To order your free sample please click here.

Unusual sizing found in this concrete porcelain

Boosting our contract range, we welcome Nassau. A competitively priced porcelain, inspired by concrete. This raw industrial material presents a selection of fine and coarse aggregate that is bonded together with cement - curing over time the material is left with unique charm. Such detail has been replicated into workable slabs for those projects that endeavour a touch of urban amongst their surrounds.

Nassau is furnished with an interesting selection of sizes for a concrete porcelain tile – an 800x1800mm, a 1200x1200mm textured and a 370x340mm fan are just some of the bespoke sizing available in a beige, grey and charcoal tone.

We welcome Nassau, a contract concrete porcelain, presented in unparallel sizing. To order your free smaples, please click here.