Mosaics with a difference!
Welcome to our glass mosaic collection - three distinct ranges that challenges traditional mosaic patterns with creative shapes and colours.  These ranges will stimulate senses, and the use of contrasting grouts create a unique finish!   Say hello to Divide, Peace and Scales.



This original range is as simplistic as it is stylish. Rows of 4.5cm glass mosaics on a repeated slant pattern will form a captivating pattern across your walls. The design of the Divide range is intended so that equal importance is given to all the elements of the tile, in this case the joints between the tiles, which form a focal point.   The contrasting bright and neutral colours of turquoise, ice white and grey add to the sophisticated design statement that Divide will stamp on your interiors. To delve into Divide please click here.


Our Peace range features three small, intricate yet stunningly simple mosaic designs. The neutral colour palate alongside the sophisticated geometric shapes generates a sense of calm and tranquillity.

The Hexagonal (H), Subway (S) and Arrow (A) shaped tile formats, made of matt glass with a smooth satin finish are mounted onto mesh and so are easy to lay and install. They are available in four subtle, relaxing colours of grey, white, cream and black. These multi-purpose tiles can be used on walls, floors, showers and outdoor areas. To order a sample please visit Peace's range page.



This exciting range harnesses the hidden mathematical rules of nature by using pentagon-shaped mosaic tiles to form a series of interwoven hexagons across large spaces. The effect is stunning and this range offers a unique design statement for any contemporary project.
Scales tiles come in one format and three earthy, natural colours - brown, white and deep red. Each tile is made up of hundreds of tiny pieces of glass, giving the impression of different cells that come together to create a beautifully patterned ‘skin’ to cover your wall spaces.  To view this range in detail please click here.