Scandinavian Toned Hexagons
These stunning decor porcelain tiles give an exciting contemporary twist to a feature wall or floor. Influenced by Scandinavian design Petit Four draws together two simplistic hexagons, in cool shades of white, pink, blue, green and black.

The first set of hexagons are mini in size (43x38mm) and are pulled together on a 320x320mm mosaic sheet. By creating them in porcelain has allowed for varied placement. Available in two finishes – the first a contemporary matt and the second in a mixed finish of matt, gloss and fabric textures.

The second set of hexagons uses the modern Scandinavian tones and mixes them together with a traditional handcrafted effect. Larger in size (173x150mm) these ceramics are finished using a soft gloss to complete the vintage effect.

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